Hassan Sayyar

Associate Professor


Phone: +1 8704601366
Email: sayyar@uamont.edu



Dr. Hassan Sayyar is an associate professor of Mathematics and Physics here at UAM.

“I have enjoyed the teaching opportunities I have had over the last 29 years. Since graduating from college, I set a goal for myself to make teaching mathematics a part of my academic career. My teaching of mathematics includes lecture, analytical, experimental, problem solving, and research project methods. I want my students to know that I am open to their thoughts, willing to hear and learn from their opinions. I give them tools and the knowledge that they can take into other disciplines and their lives. I show my students how mathematics improves their analytical thinking and reasoning abilities. I love sharing my mathematical and teaching experiences with my students and enjoy the satisfaction to see how I, as their teacher, made a positive impact on their carriers and lives.”

“In the beginning of my academic career, my research was exclusively on investigating problems related to my graduate studies in the area of Probability Theory and Harmonic Analysis. However, over the years I have made undergraduate research the central part my academic activities. This amounts to curriculum development, teaching pedagogy, use of new technologies in the classroom, authoring textbooks for undergraduate teaching, and directing students in independent studies. In addition, there is long-term, open ended mathematics questions, some of which are appropriate for stronger undergraduate students, to investigate.”

“The best part of teaching is helping, mentoring, and preparing students for their future professional lives.  I also treasure the relationship I build with my students.”