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The UAM School of Nursing Simulation laboratory contains state of the art equipment including four high-fidelity manikins (SimMan3G, SimMom, Nursing Anne, and SimBaby), two hybrid manikins (SimJunior and SimNewbie), two Vital Sims, and numerous task trainers and props. A stimulated nurses station gives students access to up-to-date computer applications in word processing, graphics, spreadsheet, database, and statistical entry and analysis. Students learn how to view electronic charts, trend data, and document in an Electronic Health Record (EHR). A medication dispense station aids students in the application of medication administration. A central supply area holds equipment and supplies for students training in nursing skills and assist in their nursing journey. 

Simulation Handbook

Nursing SimLab Gift Form

Using a student-centered approach, the UAM School of Nursing Simulation lab provides a variety of avenues of instructional methodology, including

  • Simulation using adult manikins and pediatric
  • Adult and Pediatric CPR manikins
  • Role-playing
  • Self-instruction
  • Faculty-assisted instruction
  • Procedural task trainers to develop specific hands-on skills
  • Use of innovative, state-of-the art multimedia

Students can select various methods based on their learning styles to broaden assessment, communication, psychomotor, and cognitive skills within a safe environment.  Practice in the simulation lab, along with their clinical experiences, will help students move towards development of their own evidence-based nursing practice, achieving the ultimate goal of becoming clinical leaders in providing excellent patient care.  Faculty work one on one or assign students to simulation groups for scenario completion.  The simulation lab is a constructive and fun place for the students to learn

The lab is available to students Monday through Friday from 8:00-4:30 pm.

Contact Information

For more information about the School of Nursing Simulation Lab, please contact

Destiny Allison, BSN, RN
Simulation Coordinator

Phone: 870-460-1201

Email: allisond@uamont.edu