Online Classes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Classes

When will my classes appear on my Blackboard account?

Courses will show up on your Blackboard account the first day of your class. Note that classes have different start dates depending on whether they’re 16-week, 8-week, 6-week, or 4-week classes.

Can I work at my own pace or do I have to follow a schedule when taking a distance education course?

Most instructors have a schedule of specific deadlines for the completion of all assignments and tests. You probably will not be allowed to work at your own pace.

Do I ever have to come to campus for an online course?

Some online courses require that you come to campus to take tests; some require that the final exam be taken on campus or at a proctored location; and others have no face-to-face requirements. On the first day of class, carefully read your syllabus for the course for details. Or prior to enrolling in the course, you may ask/email the instructor for details.

Does a distance education course require less time to complete than a regular on-campus course?

Although an online class gives you some flexibility as to when you do the work, you should assume that it will be as time-consuming as—and maybe even more time-consuming than—an in-person class.

Will I know if there are other students in my class? Will I know their names?

Most online courses have discussion threads, chat rooms, or live video sessions. Generally, instructors will ask you to introduce yourself to the class with a bit of personal information. Become an active learner: take part in the discussions, ask questions, jump in!

What if I need the library?

The Taylor Library has a number of databases you can access from off-campus. Here is the library link:

What if I need to talk to my advisor?

An academic advisor will be assigned to you. You will need to contact that advisor by telephone or email. Your academic advisor information can be found in WeevilNet at the following link:

Once you log in, Advisor information is in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

How much do I need to know about my computer to be able to take an online course?

 You need to know how to do the following:

  • Operate a Windows-based computer Replace with Basic operation of a desktop computer and web browser
  • Create folders and save files
  • Find, copy, move, rename, and delete files
  • Create backup files
  • Create, edit, format, spell check, save, retrieve, and print a document
  • Copy/paste information

You should know enough about email to:

  • Send, receive, store, and retrieve messages
  • Send, receive, and open attachments
  • Communicate with appropriate online etiquette

You should be able to use a web browser to:

  • Access the internet with updated web browser
  • Open web pages
  • Open, print, and save in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Copy URLs to Microsoft Word
  • Use a search engine

How do I know if I am correctly enrolled in the course?

Course enrollment can be found in WeevilNet:

Go to Student Center to view your Study List (current term enrollment).

What if I forget my password?

Visit this web address for password assistance:

What if my internet access is down and I have an assignment due?

First, phone your instructor immediately and ask for guidance. If your instructor doesn’t answer, leave him/her a voice message. Don’t hang up with the intention of calling again later. Because there are always potential problems with technology, never wait until the last minute to submit an assignment. Next, find internet access. Call a friend, visit a public library, go to McDonald’s or Starbucks!

Where can I see my grades?

Grades are available on Blackboard throughout the semester under the Grades Tool. Your official grades are posted at the end of the semester in WeevilNet:

How do I drop a course?

You should email the Director of Academic Advising:

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

You can order an official copy of a transcript through the UAM website or by calling the Registrar’s Office at 870-460-1034.

To order online: go to the UAM homepage (

Click on the Academics Tab

Click on Registrar Tab

Click on “Transcript Ordering”

Official transcripts have a fee attached; the online form will indicate the current fee. Unofficial transcripts are available through WeevilNet.

for more information contact:

Office of Academic Affairs
Administration Building
346 University Drive or
P.O. Box 3478
Monticello, AR 71656
Phone: 870-460-1032
Fax: 870-460-1933

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